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Books and Web Sites About Teaching Infants to Swim

Harvey Barnett says that he is the only source of information about teaching aquatic survival skills to infants and children.  Therefore, he says, his information is a trade secret. 

Harvey Barnett "ISR" is very wrong. 

This page shows just a fraction of the information that exists on this subject.

1-2-3 Underwater Baby (Pahlow, 1990)
The Baby Swim Book (Kochen and McCabe, 1986)
How to Teach Your Baby to Swim (Jun 1976) by Claire Timmermans
Incredible Swimfants! (Whitehead, 1978)
Infant Swimming (Clevenger, 1986)
Teach Your Baby to Swim, (Prudden, 1974)
Teach Your Child to Swim (Jan 1, 1976) by Eva Bory
Teaching an Infant to Swim, (Newman, 1967)
Teaching Your Tot to Swim (Cowle, 1970)
Watersafe Your Baby in One Week (Rylko, 1981)
How to Watersafe Infants and Toddles (Whitehead and Curtis, 1983)
Water Baby! (Heston, 1998)
Water Safety for Infants The Drownproofing Method (Van Dyk 1975)
Teach Your Child to Swim (Usborne Parents' Guides) (Dec 2007) by Susan Meredith, Carol Hicks, Jackie Stephens, et al.
Teach Your Child to Swim (Usborne Parent's Guides) (May 1989) by Usborne Books
How to Teach Your Baby to Swim: From Birth to Age Six (Aug 30, 2006) by Douglas Doman

Links to other swim schools that specialize in baby swimming and accreditations

• Swim Kids USA - http://www.swimkidsaz.com
• Water Safe - http://www.watersafe.com
• Southwest Aquatics - http://www.southwestaquatics.com
• World Aquatic Babies Network - http://www.waterbabies.org
• Safe N Sound Swimming - http://www.snsswim.com
• Child Drowning Prevention - http://www.childdrowningprevention.com
• Infant Aquatics - http://www.infantaquatics.com
• La Petite Baleen - http://www.swimlpb.com
• Ocaquatics - http://www.ocaquatics.com
• Aqua Tots - http://www.aqua-tots.com
• Saf-T-Swim - http://www.saf-t-swim.com
• Murray Callen Swim School - http://www.murraycallanswimschools.com
• Island Swim - http://www.islandswimsc.com
• Swim West Wisconsin - http://www.swimwest.com
• Hubbard Swim School - http://www.hubbardswim.com
• Sea Star - http://swimatseastar.com
• Baby Swimming - http://www.babyswimming.com
• Aquatic Achievers - http://www.aquaticachievers.com.au

• USSSA - United States Swim School Association