Read the ISR Contract Very Carefully
Background on ISR Lawsuit
Why did ISR Sue Former Instructors?
What the Courts Have Said About ISR
ISR's Threats and Lies
What Happened to Former ISR Instructors

Books and Websites About Teaching Infants to Swim

Final Order

What do ISR instructors and parents have to say about this:
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Infant Swimming Research and Infant Swimming Resource say that to protect the integrity of the ISR program, ISR must insist that its instructors sign a highly restrictive contract. 

  • Look closely at ISR’s contract. It has harsh non-disclosure and non-compete provisions.
  • ISR instructors should be allowed to leave the program and still teach infant aquatic survival skills.
    • Obviously, instructors who leave the program should be required to say that they are no longer certified by ISR.
  • We think that more babies would be kept safe if there were more instructors everywhere who knew how to teach babies aquatic survival skills.

Consult an attorney before signing any contract!