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ISR’s Threats and Lies

Shortly after the Colorado Jury trial, ISR wrote a memo to their instructors which said:

“[The former instructors] were also ordered to pay all of ISR’s court costs and attorney’s fees, which will easily exceed over $200,000.”  

 Not True:  ISR was only awarded $39,000 in attorney's fees, but Alison Geerdes was awarded $48,000 in attorney's fees.

“Among many things, this means that only individuals who hold current ISR certification can use the ISR technique.” 

 Not True: ISR did not get an injunction against the Colorado instructors prohibiting the use of ISR techniques

 ISR doesn't seem to have a unique technique which the judge was willing to protect by injunction.  

“It also means that anyone who attempts to use "the ISR technique" without current certification can and will be sued for breach of confidentiality and breach of contract. These suits will be filed with the knowledge that precedence has been set in Federal Court.” 

Threat:  Beware of ISR if you ever want to leave.

 ISR instructors are also threatening anyone associated with the former ISR instructors:

  “I would not recommend them as ISR just won a Federal law suit with the woman in Boulder and she or anyone she taught is now not allowed to teach using any ISR techniques if they do they will be in Federal court again.”

Mary Davison, ISR instructor in Colorado, to a potential parent.

Not True:  There is nothing in the Court orders which say anything about those who learned from Heumann or Shidler 

Threat:  ISR will sue everyone.

 “You won't be teaching very long, enjoy it while you can. You have definitely crossed the wrong bridge.” 

Jan Orwick, ISR Senior Master Instructor in Florida, to a new instructor trained by a former ISR Master Instructor in Florida