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January, 2014

In 2000, Harvey Barnett, founder of Infant Swimming Research and JoAnn Barnett, president of Infant Swimming Resource, the infant survival swim program featuring the "self-rescue" technique, filed suit against three former infant swimming instructors in an attempt to stop them from teaching infants aquatic survival and self-rescue swimming skills. They were unsuccessful, and the following is a summary of the lawsuit written by attorneys involved in the case.

Both Harvey Barnett and JoAnn Barnett testified for Infant Swimming. At the conclusion of the first lawsuit, ISR filed a second lawsuit against Judy Heumann which was deemed without merit by the District Court in the State of Colorado, and Infant Swimming Research was ordered to pay Heumann's attorneys fees. Following this order and the Barnetts' refusal to pay the fees that were owed by ISR, Infant Swimming Resource was subsequently sued to recover attorneys fees owed by Infant Swimming Research. The Court ruled that both companies were identical because they both taught infant survival swim, and swim float swim using the same website, same teaching protocols, same training materials, and same management team. The Court ruled that changing the name of the infant swim resource technique to infant swim rescue or infant self rescue was merely an attempt by Infant Swim Resource to avoid paying fees owed by Infant Swim Research. Currently JoAnn Barnett is the President and CEO of Infant Swim Resource. Ashleigh Bullivant, Harvey Barnett's daughter, now answers the phone and handles inquiries from prospective new trainees, while Austin Barnett runs AB Finance Company, the in-house financing arm of ISR.

They use "infant swim rescue", "infant swim resource", "infant survival swim", and "swim float swim" as a way to describe their company and technique, but they are all part of the same company involved in these lawsuits.

March 6, 2012 
Heumann v. Barnett
Satisfaction of Judgment
March 6, 2012

May 25, 2011 
Heumann v. Barnett
Judgment against Barnett and ISR
May 25, 2011

February 14, 2011 
Heumann v. Barnett
Ruling and Order
February 14, 2011

 Welcome to Infant Swimming Lawsuit  BEWARE of ISR

•  Infant Swimming Research LLC
•  Infantswim.com 
•  Infant Swimming Resource LLC
•  Instructor development LLC
Harvey Barnett LLC
•  AB Finance Partners LLC
•  S
wim-float-swim LLC
•  Careers.infantswim.com
•  JBarnett Holdings LLC

    ..Or any new ISR aliases that may be created in the future.

What is this "ISR" and why all the alias surnames?

•  ISR is an organization/company that teaches instructors that perpetually pay them to teach infants to swim.

Approximately what does it cost to join?

•  $15,000 or an amount close to it.

Beware of getting into any such businesses and consult an attorney before signing any contracts presented to you.

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